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Prepare your site for a Xanga Layout

All Other Tutorials · By emberfly View profile

Shows you how to make layouts work the way they should.

How To Change The Way Your Text Is Set Up In A Layout.

CSS Tutorials · By IDTAPTHATFLOOR View profile

Changing the way your text shows up in a layout. Example: On your profile your text is all lowercase, all uppercase, or a mixing of both (LiKe ThIs).

How to fix that blogger "error" when you install a Layout

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How-To Make a Layout (Technique #1)

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By robinneboo View profile

Read this "how-to" tutorial to make a snazzy layout from Paint Shop Pro X.

CSS Layout (1 Column)

CSS Tutorials · By Heathasm View profile

How to make a CSS layout with 1 column