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Customizing Headers

HTML Tutorials · By synatribe View profile

stop stealing my code and learn this

Basic Knowledge of HTML Text

HTML Tutorials · By tugspookybj View profile

This tutorial is a basic lesson for HTML Text.

Change Eye Color

All Other Tutorials · By radicallyradd View profile

change the color of any eye!

Photofiltre- coloring your eyes

All Other Tutorials · By Janellex2 View profile

Im going to teach you how to make your eyes a different color :]

Make Certain Parts of Black and White Colored(photofiltre)

All Other Tutorials · By mikeywayproject View profile

How to make certain parts of a black and white images in photofiltre colored, it's really simple.

Coloring (Photofiltre)

All Other Tutorials · By FreakItsRoselynn View profile

A simple coloring on Photofiltre.

coloring #1

All Other Tutorials · By dominationtutorials View profile

this tutorial is for photofiltre coloring

Photofiltre [Reviving Colors!]

All Other Tutorials · By rawrxmeaghan View profile

This is a tutorial done in Photofiltre that shows you how to do revive colors in your pictures :)

Coloring in PhotoFiltre

All Other Tutorials · By dilligrout View profile

Get nice coloring in PhotoFiltre.

Photofiltre Coloring

All Other Tutorials · By MarieInTheSun View profile

How to add a cool coloring effect to photos, using Photofiltre.