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simple text code

Myspace Scripts · By xXR0CKST4RXx View profile

Want to change just one little bit of text somewhere on your page, instead of all of it? Use it to add a makeshift header, emphasize some text, or just to make something stand out.

Hide "Interests" Words in 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By urmomsux View profile

Get's rid of where it says "Interests" in interests section for Profile 2.0

Change "Name's Xanga Page" to Your Own Words

Xanga Scripts · By xXR0CKST4RXx View profile

change what usually says "Name's Xanga Page" at the top of your window to whatever you want

Text: Glow Effect for Links and Words

Xanga Scripts · By lhuvhurts View profile

This script makes a glow effect to your links and your words in your web entry