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Change Nav-2.0

Myspace Scripts · By Kiewking View profile

Changes the style of the Nav

hide myspace picture, search bar, and powered by google, 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By sadiewearspradaaa View profile

hides everything between the ad and nav bar, even the space left behind! easy!

Graphic Display Name

Myspace Scripts · By stefulhnee View profile

Profile 2.0: Customize display name background.

Rename Blurbs Sections

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

rename ABOUT ME and MEET section

Hide Interest Headings Completely

Myspace Scripts · By sadiewearspradaaa View profile


squish contact table

Myspace Scripts · By tiani View profile

squish contact table to smaller size

Hide Myspace URL

Myspace Scripts · By twodreamlovers View profile

hides the myspace url table completely

Text Box

Myspace Scripts · By MICHELLEisnotyourNAME View profile

make a text box for your about me, interests, blogs, or id like to meet..(this is not a comment box)

Make "Extended Network" Thinner

Myspace Scripts · By cheetos View profile

Makes your "Extended Network" box skinnier.

Resize Top Friends Images

Myspace Scripts · By Mm-giraffe View profile

makes friends images smaller