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Show the music module header!

Myspace Scripts · By jay3 View profile

Show the music module's header which is normally hidden!

Hide Pics/Videos/Blog Links

Myspace Scripts · By wthpatrick View profile

-On Profile 2.0-

Hide URL

Myspace Scripts · By wthpatrick View profile

-On Profile 2.0-

New marçĂșees actually works tried on me myspace

Myspace Scripts · By Runol317 View profile

this stuff actually works u can do the stuff that u didint know how to do

Remove the Naviagtion {SHORTER SIMPLE CODE!}

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

This Script is a WAY shorter Version of the previous Navigation Code...DOES NOT HIDE THE AD!!

Myspace 2.0 Text Align Justify Paragraphs

Myspace Scripts · By KarlaPerfection View profile

a Myspace 2.0 script to even out, straighten your text paragraphs. TESTED FOXFIRE/INTERNET (:

Addition Interest Section- 2.0 Profile

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

This code allows you to add an extra section in your Interests.

popup text on mouseover on links AND pictures

Myspace Scripts · By jessicasummerlea View profile

pop up of text when you hover your mouse over picture, text or link.

Hide Shortcuts and Search Bar

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

Hides the shortcuts near the search bar.

Hide Interests Table

Myspace Scripts · By qt4229 View profile

This really works!