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Additional content section.

Myspace Scripts · By Loudsur13 View profile

Add an additional content section

Align left

Myspace Scripts · By moorepocket View profile

Aligns your myspace to the left.

Align right.

Myspace Scripts · By moorepocket View profile

Align your myspace to the right.

Hide Contact Table

Myspace Scripts · By HelloSunshine View profile

This script hides your contact table.

Wrap Text Around Image

Myspace Scripts · By x3_mr_mak View profile

Wrap the text around an image.

DIV Scrollbar

Myspace Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Code to add a scrollbar box to any section.

Small Images - Resize

Myspace Scripts · By mrshll View profile

Resize the images in your friends table and default "view more pics" images.

At A Glance Table

Myspace Scripts · By xquizit View profile

displays your picture and brief info about you

Hover: Motion Blur

HTML & CSS Scripts · By TweeTie_Azngurl View profile

Hover image Motion Blur

Move and Customize Name Text

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

and customize it