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hide search bar(links still work perfect)

Myspace Scripts · By baseboy View profile

hides myspace logo and search bar with no space and links still work

Change Nav to Any Picture

Myspace Scripts · By NuocMamBoi View profile

rawwrrr, im asian xD, [[ change your nav; simple ]]

Hide Right Column

Myspace Scripts · By alexasoflyy View profile

The code that hide the whole right column ;)

Remove Scroll Bar

Myspace Scripts · By brandon41214 View profile

Remove Scroll Bar

Hide Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By SharperMyspace View profile

This code will hide the WHOLE navigation bar. Works for standard layouts and divs.

Customizations For New Myspace Navbar

Myspace Scripts · By melancholiclights View profile

A few codes to customize the new myspace navigation bar.

Hide Interest Headings Completely

Myspace Scripts · By sadiewearspradaaa View profile


Hide Search Bar

Myspace Scripts · By 2am View profile

This code hides the search bar on the top of the page under the advertisement