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Display Modules Only in Private Home

Xanga Scripts · By mystical View profile

disable left modules

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

Makes the whole left column invisible.

move left modules to the right

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

switches the default left modules to the right-hand side

Show only Comments

Xanga Scripts · By mustlovegiraffes View profile

Shows only 'comments' at the bottom of entries.

Navigation Bar - Sublinks

Xanga Scripts · By GinaDaQueen View profile

Put the xanga links centered on top, with submenus underneath.

Custom Contact Table

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

make your own custom contact table

Hide Search Bar

Myspace Scripts · By 2am View profile

This code hides the search bar on the top of the page under the advertisement

Hiding Friends Links

Myspace Scripts · By whimsical0dreamz View profile

Hides name above pictures in comments & Top Friends (together or seperately)

Hide / Remove Extended Network Notice Box

Myspace Scripts · By smartray05 View profile

Removes the "____ is in your extended network" box

DIV Layering, "Boxed" Xanga

Xanga Scripts · By krnxswat View profile