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Xanga Stylesheet (CSS)

Xanga Scripts · By cbstaff View profile

A script that allows you to customize the look of your xanga.

Entry Title: Customize it.

Xanga Scripts · By OhXiet_ItzDonnA View profile

Do your entry titles look ugly? Well, use this!

Style Sheet: Entry Date

Xanga Scripts · By GinaDaQueen View profile

Changes the date of each entry to a different size, color, or font

Disable: header and footer navigation

Xanga Scripts · By heyyfrankie View profile

Navigation Bar - Basic

Xanga Scripts · By angel-roh View profile

A customizable navigation bar.

Navigation Bar - Disable

Xanga Scripts · By Jonathank91 View profile

Removes those links above blogs and ur modules where it says sign out and reviews.

disable left modules

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

Makes the whole left column invisible.

custom module: collapsible

Xanga Scripts · By Saeglopur View profile

DIV Layering, "Boxed" Xanga

Xanga Scripts · By krnxswat View profile