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MySpace Playlist Div

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

shrink the myspace playlist, or add the playlist to other sites!

Resize/move new Myspace playlist!

Myspace Scripts · By amandaMAGGOT View profile

resize the new Myspace music player to make it more compact... really short & simple! =]

Hide blog side module

Myspace Scripts · By iLuStt View profile

Hide the blog side module.

fieldset scroll box w/o legend.

Myspace Scripts · By xhugerific View profile

its like a scroll box. but it isn't. lmao.

Colored Comments

Myspace Scripts · By hellomynameisbrittany View profile

This is a Code to make your Comments, colored and simple.

Customize The New Navigationbar

Myspace Scripts · By mikethedj4 View profile

Here's the code to change the look of MySpace's new navbar.

Nothing on the Profile

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

this is great for DIV STARTERS..

adding picture BEHIND music player! cool effect.

Myspace Scripts · By xXcalebboylesXx View profile

the tittle is self explanatory.


Myspace Scripts · By DarrenDecapitation View profile

The name says it all.

Wrap Text Around Scrollbox

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

Wrapping text.