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Friends and Comments (side by side)

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

You can Move the Comments Anywhere You Like...

Remove "MySpace Latino" From Bottom inks

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Removes "MySpace Latino" from the bottom links. READ INSIDE BEFORE CLAIMING IM "RACIST"

Change titles in your sections to images

Myspace Scripts · By caleb4992 View profile

This script changes the names of sections to any image of your choice

Squash Page and Extended Network

Myspace Scripts · By offfo View profile

Squashes your page. No space between the tables and blog. Squish extended.

Change Line Seperator Color In Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By clndstnxpolexia View profile

some of the new nav bar codes don't change the little lines. this does o.o :]

Change Whole Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By anniechanie View profile

Change the whole look of your navigation.

Two Columns

Myspace Scripts · By radicallyradd View profile

Make two columns instead of one

Hide friends only

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

This script hides just the images and links to your friends.

Customizing Fieldsets

Myspace Scripts · By nano86 View profile

Change the look of your Field set text box!

Add Profile Info to DIV Layout

Myspace Scripts · By garcia87 View profile

This code adds your profile info to your myspace div.