How-To Make a Layout (Technique #1) (comments)

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this is an amazing tutorial =]]
here's my result: .jpg

Posted by kellylouiseplace on May 1, 09 5:02 pm

I don't get how to add the brushes..

Posted by Archiesgirl1 on Feb 19, 09 1:59 pm

its like a little pain bucket. all u do is pick the color u want and click the bucket in ur tools section and then click on the area u want the color. it fills it for u so u wouldnt have to use the paintbrush

Posted by dmt61385 on Jan 22, 09 10:18 am

I dont get the part with the flood fill..

Posted by x-ichi-chan-x on Dec 28, 08 12:49 pm

this tutorial is a whole lot like one from
did you steal it?

Posted by beccaleah on Sep 27, 08 1:20 pm

idk where you got those pics from but just cause you used em in this tutorial doesnt mean that i cant use em for a banner graphic right ??

Posted by emmijane on Sep 3, 08 8:14 pm

i kinda got frustrated with it.
so i just did this instead. same pics. diff taste?

http://i33.tinypic .com/nbat0h.png


Posted by emmijane on Sep 3, 08 2:44 pm

i kinda got frustrated.
so i just did this; nbat0h.png

Posted by emmijane on Sep 1, 08 3:33 pm

I am trying to do it, but I can't get the brush

Posted by aaronlong93 on Aug 12, 08 1:26 pm

Thanks so much for this tutorial!! Here is my result: png

Posted by fabulosiity on Aug 6, 08 2:55 pm

to create a brush you select it then go to the top and click to see the brush choices then in the bottom right hand corner and then name your brush :)

Posted by chod3994 on Jul 20, 08 1:17 pm

Where are the pictures from?

Posted by xGRAWR on Jun 9, 08 5:00 pm

try google-ing it.

Posted by moietty on Jun 8, 08 12:12 am

where do i download the PSP?

Posted by kara247 on May 23, 08 4:54 pm

where do u download psp?

Posted by Littleichi9933 on May 20, 08 7:24 am

where can i download PSP?

Posted by jenniferlaird on May 9, 08 2:50 am

how do you "create as a brush"?

Posted by thatgirlisfamous on Feb 9, 08 12:49 am

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