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Remove the 'More' Action at the Bottom of Comment Section

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

This removes the new "More" button at the bottom of your comments section.

Hide Blurb header and About me header and Like to Meet.

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile


Addition Interest Section- 2.0 Profile

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

This code allows you to add an extra section in your Interests.

Super Clean Comments Section

Myspace Scripts · By kowkiller View profile

Cleans up the comments section a bit. You can edit the code, but don't just change it a little and claim it as yours.

Hide "Interests" Words in 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By urmomsux View profile

Get's rid of where it says "Interests" in interests section for Profile 2.0

Add New 'about me' section

Myspace Scripts · By dropdeadchewy View profile

How to add a new section to myspace blurb. In other words, adding a new 'about me' section.

Speech Bubble Blurbs Section (:

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Add a speech bubble w/ your picture to your About Me!

Background Around Content (With Borders)

Myspace Scripts · By Marideth View profile

border around the content section. Under Navisation and on all sides of profile

Change titles in your sections to images

Myspace Scripts · By caleb4992 View profile

This script changes the names of sections to any image of your choice

Add Extra Interests Colums

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

this allows you to add an extra column to the topics you want (i.e. general, music, etc.)