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Hide General Info Headers

Myspace Scripts · By Mickey View profile

Hides the headers of the General Info table on music pages.

Move Upcoming Shows Table

Myspace Scripts · By innerdemon25 View profile

This code will allow you to move the a bands page "upcoming shows" table into a div, and place it where ever you want.THIS CODE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IE(INTERNET EXPLORER)

Puts picture(s) under music player

Myspace Scripts · By strawberri View profile

Hides interests and puts picture(s) under your myspace music player!

Clean Professonal Myspace Band Comments Section

Myspace Scripts · By innerdemon25 View profile

THIS CODE CURRENTLY ONLY WORKS FOR BANDS NEW VERSION COMING SOON This code will easily turn your boring center comments into a professional centered comments section.

Resize Music Player | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

This short code can easily resize your music player in myspace 2.0

Add 100 Songs On The New Myspace Music Player "FF" AND "IE"

Myspace Scripts · By dartainien View profile

How would you like to have 100 Songs on your music player instead of just the basic 10 and its "IE" AND "FF" Approved. (currently 1.0)

Adjust the width of the myspace 2.0 music player!

Myspace Scripts · By aloha370 View profile

adjust the width and height to fit your music player module.

Make Youtube Video Into A Music Player!

Myspace Scripts · By funride View profile

Change a YouTube video you want into a music player!

Put Music Player In Corner

Myspace Scripts · By ZRNRPRZ View profile


Center Music Player [2.0]

Myspace Scripts · By patronfaced View profile

Center your music player in certain layouts on 2.0, ONLY.