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Status bar: Time&Message

Xanga Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Displays the time and your own message in the status bar.

Cursor: Windows/Regular/Original

Xanga Scripts · By lookitskim View profile

Don't like the regular cursor? This will help you spice it up a bit.

Calendar Code :: Without Custom Modules

Xanga Scripts · By sillylaura912 View profile

Get a calendar module without the hassle of completely new modules!

Paint Box

Xanga Scripts · By bdbuie View profile

Add a paint box for others to use in your xanga

Align your Xanga to the right

Xanga Scripts · By timelessXlayouts View profile

custom module: extra right module

Xanga Scripts · By trapper700 View profile

custom module: collapsible

Xanga Scripts · By Saeglopur View profile

Custom Footer

Xanga Scripts · By Godsend View profile

Make custom footer

4th of July Fireworks

Xanga Scripts · By godofphotoshop View profile

Causes brightly colored starbursts to appear on your reader's screen

Countdown with days, hours, min, and sec.

Xanga Scripts · By Kingchicken View profile

Add a countdown to your xanga showing the amount of time left until a date you specify.