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How to change the color of an eye on Gimp 2.4

All Other Tutorials · By blueragedesigns View profile

Tutorial on how to change the color of an eye. Can also be used on any other object

Retrofy [the right way] !

Photoshop Tutorials · By mp3159 View profile

some fun you can have with any photo and exposes you to some cool techniques.

Rosy Skintone

Photoshop Tutorials · By beholdingbeauty View profile

Giving your skin an nice Rosy color.

Gradient Overlay on Brushings

Photoshop Tutorials · By x1227x View profile

Put a gradient overlay on your brushings

Combining Images

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By YaWeaveIzOnFiyah View profile

Overlay one image on top of another so that both are visible.