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Colouring 4

Photoshop Tutorials · By aliiicimo View profile

Curves, Gradient Maps & Saturation: LASTSUNRISE.NET.

Skin Smoothing and Eye Enhancing Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials · By xColour View profile

Skin Smoothing and Eye Enhancing

Colouring 5

Photoshop Tutorials · By aliiicimo View profile

Curves, Variations & Texture: LASTSUNRISE.NET.

Combining Images

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By YaWeaveIzOnFiyah View profile

Overlay one image on top of another so that both are visible.

Rain effect.

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By Aubzilicious View profile

Add a rain effect to images.

Instant Makeover

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By aldb1054 View profile

Learn how to use different tools and techniques to make a beautiful studio photo.

Dreamy Effect

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By Stefanny View profile

Apply a dreamy effect to an image of your choice, using PaintShopPro 8 and higher

B+W Picture + Color

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By x1227x View profile

I've seen alot of this done in Photoshop, But now there's a way for all the PSP ppl to do it =)

Blending version 3

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By 1angel3 View profile

learn another way to blend

Advanced Image 2

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By robinneboo View profile

Spice up your images with a hint of orange & purple!