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Photofiltre picture inside text

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picture inside text

The Ultimate Rollover Tutorial (with CSS image sprites)

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A million hover link tutorials, but it's time for everyone to learn the magic of image sprites. So let's call this "The ultimate rollover" tutorial.

A CSS Thumbnail Gallery Previewer

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Use the power of CSS to create large previews when a visitor hovers over thumbnails in a gallery.

Image Map just using Firefox.

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It's useful.

image mapping w/ almost nothing

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image mapping w/o programs or math

Using Link Anchors on your Site

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This link anchor tutorial is brought to you courtesy of

How to add DVD movie to website

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This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to add DVD movie to website.

How to make a video sharing website like YouTube

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In this article I will try to describe how to build a video sharing website in the following points. 1. What is YouTube? 2. How to design YouTube?

How to speed up your computer.

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Learn how to make your vista or xp computer faster.

PhotoFiltre: Icon Colorizing 1

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Like making icons? Know how to make icons, and enjoy using PhotoFiltre? But you don’t know how to colorize your icons? Well read this tutorial to find out one way to colorize your icons.