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photofiltre changing eye color

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How to change eye color in photofiltre.

Photofiltre picture inside text

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picture inside text

The Ultimate Rollover Tutorial (with CSS image sprites)

CSS Tutorials · By fixtatik View profile

A million hover link tutorials, but it's time for everyone to learn the magic of image sprites. So let's call this "The ultimate rollover" tutorial.

A CSS Thumbnail Gallery Previewer

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Use the power of CSS to create large previews when a visitor hovers over thumbnails in a gallery.

Image Map just using Firefox.

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It's useful.

image mapping w/ almost nothing

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image mapping w/o programs or math

Using Link Anchors on your Site

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This link anchor tutorial is brought to you courtesy of

How to add DVD movie to website

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This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to add DVD movie to website.

How to make a video sharing website like YouTube

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In this article I will try to describe how to build a video sharing website in the following points. 1. What is YouTube? 2. How to design YouTube?

How to speed up your computer.

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Learn how to make your vista or xp computer faster.