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Entire Page Border

Xanga Scripts · By xXCloudStrifeXx View profile

Want a border around your page? Here's how to do it!

custom module: extra right module

Xanga Scripts · By trapper700 View profile

Align your Xanga to the right

Xanga Scripts · By timelessXlayouts View profile

Text Banner

Xanga Scripts · By miiichellley View profile

Puts a customizable text banner on top of your xanga

Transparent Left Module

Xanga Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Makes the left modules transparent

disable left modules

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

Makes the whole left column invisible.

move left modules to the right

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

switches the default left modules to the right-hand side

Music - Real Player

Xanga Scripts · By souperstition View profile

Music player that can play rm or ram files, which are not supported by Windows Media Player.

Music - Windows Media Player

Xanga Scripts · By Eryi View profile

A music/video player for your Xanga.

Fake Site Shut-down

Xanga Scripts · By Applesauce View profile

Even more realistic than the former scripts!