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Add an additional module in profile 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By Bombshell View profile

add your own modules instead of the ones already given to you.

Span Classes

Myspace Scripts · By duplicatex0x0x0 View profile

Faster way of editing text on myspace, changing font, font color, font weight, et cetera.

Profile 2.0 - Custom Contact Link Images

Myspace Scripts · By Neurotic View profile

Replace the default images besides the 'Send Message', 'Add to Friends' and 'Add Comment' with your own images.

Add Headers Elsewhere (Profile 2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By Steffa View profile

This will add an extra heading that looks like the headers heading.

change nametext on 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By erikkaphenomenon View profile

make your nametext look awesome :)

Friend Poster | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

This script will let you turn your friend module into a single friend poster.

Hide Status Date | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

Use this script to hide the date you last updated your status on your 2.0 profile.

Change Private Profile Text | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

Customize the text stating your profile is private :]

Hide View Friends Links in 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By ZOMGitsLauren View profile

These code's will hide the view friends option on 2.0. The first code will hide the actual links, the second code will hide the view: text that is left.

Profile2.0 - Hide Location / Age & Gender / All Friends Link

Myspace Scripts · By Branco View profile

3 Code Snippet for Myspace Profile 2.0 to: hide your location in 2.0 profile: hide your gender and age in 2.0 profile: hide "show all friends of ..."-Link