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Text Selection Styles

HTML & CSS Scripts · By TheOn3LeftBehind View profile

How to change text selection styles (when you highlight the text to copy)

Differnt Color Tables

Myspace Scripts · By Kiewking View profile

Changes each table to a differnt color.

Hide the New "Status date time" thingy.

Myspace Scripts · By Jamesisgsnap View profile

I was bored, I came home from school, saw something ugly on the status, it's either too big or too small, so I decided to take it off.

Hide the Left Side of the profile and Music WORKS!

Myspace Scripts · By calvery View profile

works** this code will hide the left side of your profile, and you music will work!

Remove the little pic on the side of the Online Now text

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

well its what the title is...

Put Music Player In Corner

Myspace Scripts · By ZRNRPRZ View profile


Custom Interests/About me headers

Myspace Scripts · By PeterBeepBeep View profile

Basically, hide original "General, Music, ect." and put whatever you like.

Hide Status Date | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

Use this script to hide the date you last updated your status on your 2.0 profile.

Remove gap between page and bottom links!

Myspace Scripts · By D3CL4NCL4RK3 View profile

When bottom links have been hidden, the page tends to leave a large gap where the links used to be. This script makes it smaller and much more appealing!

Make Interests Table Wider

Myspace Scripts · By alibi View profile

This will make the right side of the interests table wider.