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hide "# views" at the bottom of an entry

Xanga Scripts · By whaleanatomy View profile

this hides the text/link that says "# views" at the bottom of an entry.

Display One Entry Script

Xanga Scripts · By christina43varoyal View profile

Display any amount of entries

Xanga Scripts · By mystical View profile

Removing Div That Contains Star Ratings (NEW)

Xanga Scripts · By twodreamlovers View profile

This code removes the div that contains star ratings.

Text: Wrap Around Image

Xanga Scripts · By starwberry_applez View profile

Wraps text around an image

Disable Image Toolbar ( IE Only )

Xanga Scripts · By Edw View profile

Side profile color

Xanga Scripts · By moorepocket* View profile

to change the sidebar font color

Remove Subscriptions, Blogrings, Calender, any Tags, modules

Xanga Scripts · By Edw View profile

Remove the Subscriptions, Blogrings, Calender, Tags modules optionally, fully-support IE and Firefox

Comment box: Resize

Xanga Scripts · By LatinaLady View profile

A useful script that allows you to resize your comment box.

custom module: collapsible

Xanga Scripts · By Saeglopur View profile