Creating A Collage :D (comments)

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This is cute. The blending could be a bit better in certain areas but it is a good tutorial.

Posted by aimegracen on May 26, 09 7:30 pm

I love this! where did you get the brushes? Particularly the one on the top right corner?

Posted by HelloSunshine on May 25, 09 3:29 am

images got deleted.

Posted by xii3 on May 24, 09 6:13 pm

hi could u reupload the two pic i want to see how u do n want to learn :D thnx

Posted by x13abiez on Dec 12, 08 12:11 am

COOL (: but wats the font u used for "christina"?

Posted by Irapii-xP on Sep 8, 08 9:06 pm

wow this is awesome!! thank you!

Posted by missk on Jul 27, 08 11:03 am

use the eraser tool to erase pixels, so they can be transparent.

Posted by IBangBaby on Jun 3, 08 10:56 pm do you make it look all blended in?
like you can pile pictures on top of each other but they look blended in.

Posted by pnaigirl13 on Jun 3, 08 9:38 pm

This is so cool.

Posted by kara247 on May 24, 08 8:27 pm

It's beautiful! =]

Posted by Nijnebeest on May 7, 08 3:07 pm

OMGGG this is amazing :)
kudos to you.

Posted by Christinacanboogie on Apr 18, 08 1:20 am

No idea =X

Posted by IBangBaby on Feb 12, 08 8:49 pm

heeey what brushes do you use?

Posted by laavingsharon on Feb 4, 08 6:56 pm

i love you

Posted by turnupthevolume on Dec 28, 07 11:43 pm

hey thnaks alot man its really awesome...also my wallie turns alot really blurry any help with that??

Posted by rayron34 on Dec 20, 07 1:59 pm

Are you serious..?
Go to file.. and.. open new..

Posted by IBangBaby on Nov 28, 07 12:36 am

how do u open a canvas

Posted by dvl873 on Nov 25, 07 5:06 pm

Thanks everyone =D!

Posted by IBangBaby on Oct 31, 07 2:55 am COOL!

Posted by na-nancy on Oct 27, 07 10:15 pm

I'm trying to do the collage, but i can't figure out how to make the canvas in photoshop stay when i open a picture it just goes to the picture size...and when i open a new picture it just deletes everything i have what am i supposed to do that i am not doing? any advice/help?

Posted by sabergold on Oct 23, 07 1:30 pm

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