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Ok as i said a whiel back im back and i guess ill put up a few tut. This is the tut to make banners similar to mine lol.

1. Well, to me a standard banner size would about 600 x 100. This gets you a nice long banner, not to long, and not to tall. If you want your banner to take up the entire length of the page...well you can do that on your own time. Anyways for your new beginning image use the settings I have below.
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2. Ok now we have a nice banner, but it should be blank. To fill it up, you can use almost anything, but for now we are goign to use Modified clouds. First push the button D on your keyboard. This should revert your colors to the Default colors. Black foreground, white background. Then go to Filter>Render>Clouds. IF you dont like ur clouds, then just push Ctrl+F to redo it.
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3. OK! Time to make it look neat. Go to Filter>Artistic>Dry Brush and use theses settings:
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4. If it looks somewhat like it its fine. If its totally diff, u messed up somewhere! It should appear somewhat rougher then before. Now it can look uglier or nicer then before it depends on the artist. But nonetheless on to our next step, go to Filter->Brush Strokes-> Accented Edges.
User posted image
5. Ok now push Ctrl+L to open up your Levels menu. Use random settings OR copy me :P.
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6. Push Ctrl+U in order to bring up your Hue/Saturation window, if this hot key doesn't work go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation, make sure you have your preview, and colorized boxes checked, then choose a colors that you like.
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7. Now, lets start off by making this look a bit... "different" start off by going to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. Now copy my settings for now, and experiment with them later.
Brightness: 31
Contrast: 39
8. It looks even better then before now. Ok now in preparation we're going to add a little bit of noise to this image. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise then use the settings I have for you below.
On Uniform, Noise level is 6.86.
9. Ok now to add blur go to Filter>blur>radial blur and settings on 37,Zoom,BEST.
Ok now u can add a grid. Ill put up a tutorial for it next. AH Nvm ill add it here.


Make a new image. a 5x5 image and make sure its on TRANSPARENT!!! Next press D then X. Get ur pencil and maek a stright line from the top left to the top right. Then from top left to bottom left. You should have this:
User posted image
Now go to edit, Define pattern and name it w/e. nowback to the banner

10. Ok after u have the radial blur on go to edit>fill and fine the pattern that we made make the opacity 10.

11. Looks great eh? Now ad ur text and ur DONE! It hopefully looks somethign like my siggy. :cool:

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