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What color brush do you use black or white?

Posted by Wancapulet on Dec 9, 08 11:27 am

Thanks, this helped alott!

Posted by stefuhnayy on Jul 30, 08 12:57 am

thanks...took me awhile it figure the whole thing out, but I got. hmmm, this...doesn't work w/ black backgrounds, does it? 'cause when I 'multiply', it disappears.

Posted by NoWorriesDesigns on Jul 18, 08 7:24 am

for #11 you use the brush tool as the color white....and color over the picture/s...on the background layer. took me a while to figure it out

Posted by xxhdfanxx on May 20, 08 11:42 pm

wow thanks!!

Posted by missk on May 12, 08 9:48 am

i dont get #11 lol can u help me?

Posted by purplelilac8o8 on May 4, 08 11:49 am

I don't get the brush part, what color does it have to be and wat size is the brush?

Posted by kbounleuth8 on Apr 23, 08 7:25 pm

when i erase the pic and get ready to copy it, it only copies the white and not the whole pic

Posted by aiyana98 on Apr 6, 08 7:13 pm

i really need help figuring out the brush tool, please send a message back

Posted by k010sweetygurl on Feb 21, 08 8:46 pm

i didnt get brush part... its painting it black?? Can u help me

Posted by k010sweetygurl on Feb 21, 08 8:42 pm

the move tool is a little arrow next to the select tool
great tutorial -]

Posted by lkajsfklajskds on Dec 27, 07 12:27 pm

but i got one think where isz da move tool?

Posted by bbyzxthanh on Dec 24, 07 4:18 pm

it;s work fine...luv it

Posted by bbyzxthanh on Dec 24, 07 4:08 pm

It didnt work O.O

Posted by Klutzzy on Aug 14, 07 5:44 pm

i change the tihng back to 100 and it turns back to white

Posted by stardaisy212 on Jun 26, 07 6:37 pm

i cant exactly remember how to do it...but i think i used an eraser in the last part.

Posted by laxumaster8 on Jun 3, 07 5:12 am

it wouldn`t work on mines. the last part of having to brush over the picture. i selected the background but it should wouldn`t work. so i don`t know what to do.

Posted by SHUTUPY0USTUPID on Jun 30, 06 12:59 am

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