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Let's take my celeb crush, Andy Sixx, as my example...

We're making this...

Open image (Ctrl/Comm + O).
Crop (C) with the dimensions of 100px by 100px in the panel.
Choose Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen.
Choose either Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color or Image > Adjustments > Selective Color.
In this, choose...
Cyan: -100
Magenta: 100
Yellow: 1
Black: 0
Cyan: 0
Magenta: 0
Yellow: 0
Black: -63
Cyan: 0
Magenta: -88
Yellow: -30
Black: -60
Cyan: 12
Magenta: -2
Yellow: 0
Black: 1
Cyan: 100
Magenta: -100
Yellow: -100
Black: 100
Cyan: 2
Magenta: 28
Yellow: 53
Black: 54
Cyan: -1
Magenta: -60
Yellow: 63
Black: 29
Cyan: 100
Magenta: -23
Yellow: 0
Black: -32
Cyan: 98
Magenta: 36
Yellow: 1
Black: -43

After so, enter Quick Mask Mode (Q) and color everywhere besides the lips (make sure you have a clean cut from the lips and elsewhere, so it won't look badly done). To color, while STILL in the quick mask, go to the Brush tool (B), choose the color black (if you need to "erase" some of your masking, use the white). Get out of masking (by clicking on the quick mask tool or entering the key Q). You should see "dots" around the mouth.
Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color.
In the panel...
Cyan: -100
Magenta: 100
Yellow: 0
Black: 0

Go to the Layers panel (F7). Duplicate the latest selective coloring (with the masking) by right-clicking the layer and choosing Duplicate Layer.

Next, I used two textures found at SwimChick.net: http://www.swimchick.net/resources/textures/newtextures/text135.jpg and http://www.swimchick.net/resources/textures/newtextures/text71.jpg Make their Color Blend Mode to Lighten and position them to preferred. Next, I added some SwimChick brushes: http://www.swimchick.net/resources/brushes/stamps/brushstamp53.jpg and http://www.swimchick.net/resources/brushes/stamps/brushstamp47.jpg Make their Color Blend Mode to Darken and position to your preferred position. For the first brush: change opacity to 90% and the second brush to: 10%.
Add a new layer of 100px by 20px in white. Add to bottom of icon and change opacity to 50%.
Add a text layer (T) with lyrics or whatever you want (I chose an Andy Sixx song: Gently rest your weary head. All we've fought for now is dead.).
Font: Palatino Linotype
Size: 6 PT
Color: #000000
Double-click on layer for the Layer Style to pop up and go to the Stroke tab.
Size: 3px
Position: Outside
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100
Fill Type: Color
Color: #ffffff

Hit OK, go back to layer, and change its opacity to 50%.

Now I wrote his name in a whole different type layer.
Font: Pirmokas
Size: 24 PT
Color: #00354b

Go to Layers Panel, double click layer to get Layer Styles and go to the Stroke tab.
Make all the same edits as the other type layer, except change the opacity to 75%.

The result...

Here is a PSD if that may help any... http://kimberly-smith.com/PSD/AndySixx01.zip

I really hope if someone makes this that they WILL CREDIT ME (Felicity at Kimberly-Smith.com). Please understand it took me a long to make both the icon and the tutorial. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! :)

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great :]

By LittleRockCreations on Sep 7, 2010 11:42 pm

great tutorial! thanks!

By traglee on Sep 7, 2010 1:25 am

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