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For this tutorial, you can use GIMP, Photoshop, PSP, or any other software to edit images. Hope you enjoy!

Basically, you can use any photo editing software. I use GIMP. Its free and its really good.
So, first pick either 3 VERY similar images or just 1 image. For this tutorial, ill be using 1 image. But you can do the same with 3 similar images.

1. Paste the image into your editor, & desaturate it(make it black & white).
2. Duplicate it 2 times, giving you 3 new layers.
3.THIS IS IMPORTANT: Make a new layer, & put it above the last layer going down. Fill the layer with the color #32ffff.
4. Set the layer properties(where it says Normal) to Addition. Merge the colored layer & the saturated image below it. The blue part is done.
5. Move the completed blue image TO THE VERY TOP. Make a new layer above the desaturated image that is last again.
6. Fill the layer with #ff3232. Set the layer properties to Addition, & merge the two layers.
8. Move the three images around to where it goes blue, red, gray or whatever pattern you want.
*Do not touch the saturated image left! Its supposed to be plain.

My examples:

Hope that was easy enough!(:

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By georgejetKins on Jul 15, 2010 4:35 pm

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