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loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiit =]

Posted by lilmiiszting on May 11, 10 4:58 pm

wow thanks for the tut!

Posted by impurities on Dec 30, 09 8:38 pm

looooves it!

Posted by SM4SHB0X on Dec 28, 09 5:03 pm

this is amazingg!

Posted by fragilextoy on Nov 25, 09 1:22 pm

Love love this =]

Posted by N4th4li3L on Sep 27, 09 8:37 pm

Ooohh! I love this!

Posted by blitzamy on Jul 2, 09 1:54 pm

whos that girl in the last picturee?
she's so pretty!

Posted by thefluffybunny on Jun 24, 09 12:24 am


Posted by forgetit on Jun 12, 09 2:51 pm

wow i love that a lot!
it goes terrifically with every picture! ^^
great job! ^^

Posted by xchangminniex on Jun 1, 09 11:04 pm

Yaayy :D

Well, I have CS4, and I had to access image > adjustments > levels..

Then do auto.
But I managed, and it turned out great. :)

Posted by fallinsinner on May 27, 09 12:15 am

super awesomeness!

Posted by NaShae on May 23, 09 4:13 pm

Adobe Photoshop CS.
It should work on other versions as well.

Posted by coffeeandacasio on May 17, 09 11:30 am

nice work. love this effect.
what photoshop did u use by the way?
apreciate the help guys

Posted by josue on May 12, 09 1:35 am

omg! this is awesome!
add to my favourite~! :D

Posted by doodleisLOVE on May 5, 09 8:54 am

Click on the layer on the layer palette and you should see a drop down list that says "NORMAL" click it and you should se Overlay.

Posted by coffeeandacasio on May 5, 09 12:27 am

I have a probably ridiculous question, but how do you set a picture to overlay?

Posted by saradiane on May 4, 09 12:38 am

this is a great tutorial!

Posted by liviia on Apr 27, 09 8:12 pm


Posted by --bonjour on Apr 23, 09 3:15 pm

i like this tutorial!

Posted by shortcake on Apr 21, 09 10:56 pm

Awesome! I've been seeing a lot of these effects on Myspace..
Thank you !

Posted by creole on Apr 19, 09 4:13 pm

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