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I LOVE the way this comes out! This is an awesome tutorial. I've been using Photofiltre to do something similar to this, But this is WAY easier! Thanks!

Posted by askingalexandria on Apr 24, 10 5:01 pm


Posted by adamruies on Mar 1, 09 9:08 pm

ahh! wonderful :D

Posted by hiphopheadj on Jan 7, 09 11:25 pm

can you... do a tutorial on how to get the coloring? i never know how to do those lol

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 22, 08 4:37 pm

this looks great. thanks!

Posted by mcflylover on Dec 20, 08 1:29 pm

doesnt work for me :(

Posted by 4gotten4ever on Dec 19, 08 10:13 pm

what's the font called that you used? :]

Posted by mikxoh on Dec 2, 08 11:30 pm

whats the font you used called? :]

Posted by marinahh on Nov 21, 08 11:25 pm

I'm going to try this out right now.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted by impurities on Nov 10, 08 4:05 pm

this is cute!

Posted by liviia on Oct 31, 08 10:38 pm

HEY! what font did you use? and you should make a tutorial on the coloring. :)

Posted by creole on Oct 23, 08 12:46 pm

Ooh.. I like it. x3

Posted by MemoriesWithin on Oct 21, 08 5:33 am

The end result came out better than I thought!
I shall try this in the near future.


Posted by HarmonRivan on Oct 16, 08 5:40 pm

thankkk youuu. it's cooll.

Posted by NoWorriesDesigns on Oct 16, 08 4:41 am

lmfao i just liked the picture. i don't really like ashlee, i would have used a picture of someone else, but i was too lazy to really look. [:

Posted by emilyakastraightouttacompt on Oct 15, 08 5:20 pm

Oh, that looks really nice. 8D

Posted by so-sarcastic on Oct 15, 08 2:52 pm

I honestly didn't think I would like the end effect.
But this is really cute I like it. Ashlee needs to get her
shit together though..

Posted by dilligrout on Oct 15, 08 1:15 am

This is cool. I gotta try it :)

Posted by BLUNTfigure on Oct 14, 08 10:18 pm

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