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loooove this so much!!

Posted by fistpump on Jul 11, 10 6:57 pm

I have Photoshop Elements 6.0, it'll work right?

Posted by WizardMadds on Jul 22, 09 8:06 pm

d00d thts rox! iv been looking 4 sumthing tht makes me look like a doll! it looks sooo plastic =)
good job!

Posted by xxMikaylaMonsterxx on Jun 20, 09 11:17 pm

On the photoshops that dont have the Surface Blur just use the smart blur =)

Posted by LADiiSOULJA3 on May 6, 09 8:54 am

can i ask ? what's the name of the newest PS ? cause i want to buy it.
reply. TQ

Posted by aleinroxstar on May 4, 09 11:04 am

Mess around with the other blurs, and see what you can get. :D


Posted by Spizzy on Mar 22, 09 10:04 am

i have photoshop 8.0, but i seem to cant find surface blur..
does 8.0 even have it. everyone says 7.0 does, so 8.0 should.. right?

Posted by RockstarWoo16 on Jan 29, 09 3:53 am

BangKissxx, yuhp! It does work on Photoshop 7.0 (: I tried and got pretty much the same results!

Posted by AyeChristeeeel on Jan 3, 09 10:49 pm

like crazylove asked, does this work on photoshop 7?D:
Can anyone comment me with an answer?

Posted by BangKissxx on Jan 3, 09 6:32 pm


Posted by BangKissxx on Jan 3, 09 6:31 pm

This is cool =)

Posted by Janess on Dec 26, 08 10:58 pm

Hey..this is a great tutorial.
i tried this in PSP9 and i came really close to your results.
i don't know if i can post the image with my msg here,
but i have it if u ever wanna see :-)

Posted by E-CreaTionz on Dec 23, 08 8:04 am

Im not sure if it works if you do 'Smart blur', but I have CS3, so it can make a difference.

Posted by Spizzy on Dec 10, 08 8:41 pm

I have CS, and I think it's called smart blur in CS.

Posted by sweet-lullaby on Dec 7, 08 7:15 pm

love this one. :)

Posted by victoriarose on Nov 30, 08 7:59 am

oh wow o.o thnkss

Posted by twodreamlovers on Nov 24, 08 10:44 pm

This is a cool picture..Very nice..I have a question can adobe Photoshop 7.0 do this.Because if it can i'm going to do mines.So thanks.Please reply back.
-Casey Yang-

Posted by crazylove209 on Nov 22, 08 12:23 am

This is neat:)

Posted by princeALLY on Nov 18, 08 12:25 pm

Love your tut =) very cute!

Posted by Ayeshax3 on Nov 16, 08 4:38 pm

this is soo cool! thanks (:

Posted by Dominiloka on Nov 9, 08 1:18 am

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