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noooo! the psd link is dead. : (

Posted by Mizuro on Sep 18, 11 8:37 pm

i must be stupid, but damnnn this is one of the hardest tutorial ever. sorry..its me. lol

Posted by bonit0eyez on Sep 6, 09 1:31 am

amazing tutorial. very descriptive and easy to follow. daniel henney is a babeeeeee

Posted by speakyourmind on Aug 6, 09 11:30 pm

whoa, i love your pictures that you USED. that's HOT.
i know the GUY, sexyy!

Posted by MiissYER on May 16, 09 7:20 pm

oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e this!

Posted by na-nancy on Mar 1, 09 10:32 pm


Posted by crdots2786 on Feb 10, 09 12:51 am


Posted by EternalxDamnationx on Feb 2, 09 3:37 am

this is really good i love this its such a good tut

Posted by AznDDRlover on Nov 12, 08 6:23 pm

nvm i got it xD

Posted by juliex3 on Nov 2, 08 3:10 pm

good tut
but i cant find ' flatten layers'
i have photoshop CS.

Posted by juliex3 on Nov 2, 08 3:09 pm

wut photoshop?

Posted by TheMuffinMan on Aug 11, 08 7:42 am ums/k184/dragonfly_026/PICT031 0.png

Posted by bittersweetxx on Aug 5, 08 1:00 pm

great job i like on the tutorial
but i think i seriously messed up on the part where u get the shiny swirl
here's how mine turned out

Posted by bittersweetxx on Aug 5, 08 12:59 pm

thanks :)

Posted by IBangBaby on Aug 1, 08 3:46 am

i really liked this tutorial;
and i'm pretty decent with photoshop but i myself got confused too.
then i started reading the comments and wowww
the person who created this tutorial needs to learn how to take criticism...
you're not as angelical as your artwork miss D:

Posted by rnycuppycake on Aug 1, 08 12:56 am

hey is this han ye seul?

Posted by kimt08 on Jul 18, 08 3:26 am

nice =] ill use this sometime

Posted by N4th4li3L on Jul 7, 08 12:15 pm

how do you stroke the pen tool lines?

Posted by RockstarWoo16 on Jun 13, 08 10:37 am

can you please clarify 7?

Posted by pnaigirl13 on Jun 3, 08 10:27 pm

Ugh, I can't read your comments anymore D: They're so dreading long. So, lol. =)

Posted by IBangBaby on Apr 17, 08 2:01 am

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