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Hide Zodiac Sign

Myspace Scripts · By asdfgkatie View profile

hides the zodiac link, AND the blue bar beside it.

Shrink Details

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Shrinks the Details Box so it wont waste so much space.

Custom Interests [Details Untouched] with custom title.

Myspace Scripts · By SortedDetails View profile

Custom main title and removes the "Interests" titles completely.

Hiding Companies, Schools, Details & URL

Myspace Scripts · By hilaryhashandcuffs View profile

Hide everything listed. ^_^

Customize Details

Myspace Scripts · By Missz-Jen View profile

Put this in your 'heroes' section.

Hide Names of Details

Myspace Scripts · By lilychouchou View profile

Here, you can hide the names of your details section such as 'music', 'movies', 'heroes', etc.

Flip Details Section

Myspace Scripts · By LhtSknHazelEye View profile

Flip the details section on your profile.

Shrink and Resize Videos in your Interests

Myspace Scripts · By smartray05 View profile

Are those YouTube videos in your interests too big and stretching out your layout? Shrink them!

Hide MySpace Sections (Quick and Clean)

Myspace Scripts · By xoxozzzoxox View profile

Place code anywhere, but preferably in About Me or Who I'd Like To Meet.

Hide Date in Comments

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

this will hide the date in comments