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Hide Comment Box on Profile 1.0

Myspace Scripts · By k4krista View profile

Hides the new Comment Box on Profile 1.0, besides the "Add Comment:"

Hide Add Comment Link (2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By Nizam View profile

remove the url add comment from header..

Hide everything below Blurbs.

Myspace Scripts · By D3CL4NCL4RK3 View profile

Hides everything below the Blurbs section without removing the bottom links or copyright. It looks much cleaner in my opinion.

Scroll Friends and Comments (Works Again!)

Myspace Scripts · By sadiewearspradaaa View profile

a div for your friend space and comment space. actually works again!

Remove "Comment Back-Send Message-Block User" links in 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By alpineblue View profile

Removes the "Comment Back - Send Message - Block User" links in MySpace 2.0. I know these links aren't visible on your page to other users, but they're still annoying.

Friends and Comments on the Left Side!! (Profile 1.0)

Myspace Scripts · By th3pr1nc30f3gypt View profile

friends and comments on the left side... on profile 1.0!!

post comment box module (hides number of comments link)

Myspace Scripts · By gerard0 View profile

hide the number of comments link on the new "post comment " module .

Clean Professonal Myspace Band Comments Section

Myspace Scripts · By innerdemon25 View profile

THIS CODE CURRENTLY ONLY WORKS FOR BANDS NEW VERSION COMING SOON This code will easily turn your boring center comments into a professional centered comments section.

Hide Comments and Keep Links (Profile 2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By KevinPoulin View profile

Remove Comments and keep Links.

Profile 2.0 - Change Background Colour Of Comments

Myspace Scripts · By Neurotic View profile

Change the background colour of your comments.