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this code is awsome but with me it dosnt show the post buttom

Posted by mayela15 on Jul 23, 09 1:52 pm

ummm. i put the friend id where it said to put it. so i tried it & it said "invalid friend id"


Posted by saucy-baby on Oct 19, 08 8:41 pm

pretty cool!

Posted by liljaye on Jul 5, 08 6:25 am

Everything shows up on mine but the post button has a huge black box around it.. Is there any way to fix it?

Posted by mreeves21 on Feb 15, 08 8:58 pm

so sick!
awesome job dude.

Posted by RJNavarrete on Nov 25, 07 2:22 pm

works in firefox.

using IE7

Posted by daffymaster7676 on Nov 11, 07 7:33 pm

it only shows the post button...
when you click the empty space where the box is SUPPOSED to be though, the list still drops down. How do I fix this? It looks all ghetto....

Posted by daffymaster7676 on Nov 11, 07 7:33 pm

This thing is awesome. You can even add more that just the three options. And I edited the buttons to say [[Puh-Ost]]. Because I'm weird like that. But overall, I totally loved it!

Posted by timetodancepatd139091140 on Nov 10, 07 3:58 pm

o yah, and wen i click the post it button, it goes to the comfirm comment
and the first option is entered.

Posted by missgraceface on Nov 10, 07 12:13 pm

i put everything in just the way u said to.
but the only thing it shows is the post it button. y? :[

Posted by missgraceface on Nov 10, 07 12:11 pm

this is ku! =)

Posted by j-jam on Nov 8, 07 6:01 pm

this is great!!!

Posted by jemie24 on Nov 4, 07 11:54 am

Good Job!! I Loov It!!

Posted by miguel316 on Nov 1, 07 4:55 pm

This is WONDER FULL[myspace.com/ryne29]

Posted by ryne29 on Oct 31, 07 7:49 pm

wait never mind... i forgot to take off the parenthesis thing... it works... dang this thing is tight

Posted by sillyman29 on Oct 29, 07 7:26 pm

never mind about the firefox, but it works except when you click on the post button, it says invalid friend id... i put my friend id in the area where it said to put your friend id...

Posted by sillyman29 on Oct 29, 07 7:24 pm

So far i have seen people put (XXXXXX) as their friend ID when it should be just XXXXXX

and i have not tested it out on firefox, but there is no reason why it shouldnt work in FF

Posted by gbd951 on Oct 29, 07 7:11 pm

this doesnt work 4 me 2... nd does it work on firefox???

Posted by sillyman29 on Oct 29, 07 6:22 pm

pretty nice, never seen this one before...

Posted by elrene06 on Oct 28, 07 9:52 pm

Derek I Love all these craazy things you comme up with

bear my children yeah? =)

see you at school

or at a "movie" =)

Posted by jlopez92 on Oct 28, 07 9:41 pm

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