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Posted by gsdgfd on Jan 1, 12 8:49 am

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Posted by maxgarnar on May 10, 11 5:48 am

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Posted by marvenniffi on Mar 25, 11 3:43 am

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Posted by marvenniffi on Mar 25, 11 3:43 am

works great! added to faves!

Posted by crimsonsorrow on Jun 3, 09 12:22 pm

... doesn't work for me

Posted by CreatedbyJeannie on Mar 31, 09 2:27 pm

i was looking for this;D

Posted by roberttoo18 on Jan 20, 09 6:06 pm

this works great! thanks(:

Posted by melaniee03 on Dec 13, 08 11:14 am


Posted by asdfMelhunny on Oct 10, 08 12:38 am

I like this. ...because you kept the friends. Mmmhm. (:

Posted by asiaface on Sep 7, 08 2:01 am

thanx heaps

Posted by its-just-me on Sep 6, 08 6:39 am

love it =P

Posted by bookieworm546 on Aug 14, 08 10:22 am

*some codes you can't preview to see its effect

Posted by Lj-Phresh on Aug 9, 08 12:02 pm

works perfectly!

Posted by mistishadow on Jul 17, 08 10:04 pm


Posted by RainbowKittyOnigiri26 on Jun 25, 08 10:49 pm

does this work for anyone? every time I go to preview it, it looks like nothing has changed. I really want this code..

Posted by recklessfolly on Jun 25, 08 3:37 am

how can i just keep ADD COMMENT?

Posted by krystenpaul on May 10, 08 11:54 pm

.FriendsComments table table {display:none;}
.friendsComme nts td {height:0px;}
.FriendsComment s td {background-color:transparent; }
.FriendsComments td td b a {display:inline;}

t his would work!

Posted by ArceliaXX on Apr 26, 08 3:06 am

On my profile, the comment link doesnt show up, is there a code to make it show?

I dont want to hide my comments, and I didn't put a code in to hide the comment link, but its gone. email me at splash.layouts@yahoo.com.

t hanks.

Posted by sunshinegirlkr on Mar 9, 08 5:15 am

Hmm, it doesnt work for me:S whyyyy

Posted by magaret on Feb 16, 08 10:03 am

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