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ur a genious! thank youu!

Posted by ForWillaSake on Jan 27, 08 9:01 pm

is there a way to not have the "view all/edit ll" comments and have the add comment link?

Posted by cherrygen on Jan 21, 08 4:21 am

nice works great

Posted by AlliesForChrist on Dec 30, 07 4:56 pm

works perfectly.
i've been looking for something that would work on my skinny layout

Posted by Brighter on Dec 21, 07 7:29 pm

This is hiding friends and comments but instead of hiding view/edit all link for for comments it's not, but it is hiding add comment. Can somebody please help me. It worked fine for one day and now its not!!!!

Posted by fabolous30 on Dec 20, 07 11:31 pm

love it

Posted by jeanna on Nov 16, 07 10:29 pm

how can I do reduce for comments table

Posted by hemeRa on Nov 14, 07 5:41 am

eh screw it..

you just need to add a } where the ... is at in:

.FriendsComments td {background-color:transparent; ...

so make it

.FriendsComments td {background-color:transparent; }

Posted by Nick1337 on Sep 24, 07 10:30 pm

.FriendsComments table table {display:none;}
.friendsComme nts td {height:0px;}
.FriendsComment s td {background-color:transparent; }
.FriendsComments td td b a {display:inline;}

hopeful ly that one shows up right..

Posted by Nick1337 on Sep 24, 07 10:29 pm

.FriendsComments table table {display:none;}
.friendsComme nts td {height:0px;}
.FriendsComment s td {background-color:transparent; }
.FriendsComments td td b a {display:inline;}

is the correct code.

Posted by Nick1337 on Sep 24, 07 10:28 pm

um...this is exactly what i want but its not working for me. i tried putting it in my abuot me, bottom of who i'd like to meet, and music. i'm not using a layout and the only other code i'm using is one for hiding blogs. please help. thanks :]

Posted by colleen92 on Sep 23, 07 1:38 pm

i dont know what to do there!

Posted by laurelbreakdown on Sep 11, 07 5:34 pm

i need this script, but i dont want to keep the add comment link because i already have one, and it makes it look funny. so..help?

Posted by SarahSvendsen1234 on Sep 2, 07 5:17 pm

What is the script to make the interests table look like it does in the screenshot above?

Posted by kyleKILLUH on Aug 31, 07 1:27 pm

i tolly made it

Posted by laurelbreakdown on Aug 29, 07 6:15 pm

dude thnx 4 the script but wheres tht layout in the pic at?

Posted by those-shoes-are-mine-betch on Aug 28, 07 7:35 pm

I love this!

Posted by Kayako234 on Aug 25, 07 1:23 am

Thanks for this script. It's good. :)

Posted by tokyo-rose on Aug 23, 07 9:47 am

thank you xD

Posted by CarCrashHearts on Aug 18, 07 4:54 pm

nice that is alot easer and clener then ing it

Posted by Dajax on Aug 17, 07 6:10 pm

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