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You can also do it in Microsoft Word and then save your document as htm.

http://www.mswordhelp. com/2010/05/word-2002/wrap-tex t-around-image/

Posted by strnad on Aug 5, 10 5:17 am

maybe more up-todate codes would modify to vspace='value' [for vertical space away from imagetotext] hspace='value' [for horizontal space from imagetotext] and align='rightORleftORcenter' "This code does work yet with XHTML many quotations have been replaced by ' symbol" (my guesse3d is for faster rendering) ... I visit frequently :*() :-P

Posted by GriffinKCB on May 5, 10 9:50 pm

Nevermind, got it.

Posted by limegreenpencil on Apr 29, 09 5:21 pm

Say you want to end the wrap and center an image under this. Do you type like, after your wrapped text?

Posted by limegreenpencil on Apr 29, 09 5:04 pm

omgosh it works!
finally nice job(:

Posted by zuri47mex on Feb 19, 09 10:46 pm

yesss thank you! i've been lookin for this for awhile! :D

Posted by samanthaxrandom on Dec 18, 08 10:47 pm

This is awesome ! ! But do you have a way to text wrap around a video ? ?

Posted by Namineokeari on Oct 25, 08 10:42 am

this is an awesome code!

Posted by chelly101 on Sep 6, 08 10:42 pm

woo perfect =]

Posted by MaryGoesRawrr on Aug 28, 08 11:47 pm

you don't need the hspace="3" vspace="3" ... just put align "left" or align="right" after the URL HERE" >.

Posted by luciiLOL on Aug 26, 08 4:13 am

vewy cool

Posted by forgetit on Aug 24, 08 9:28 pm

hehe, i love it. :)

Posted by creole on Aug 16, 08 9:10 pm

for sum reason ma url.. from ma pics dnt work it says da pic has been deleted.. but it hasnt.. its still dere??

Posted by carmen15r on Aug 13, 08 8:15 pm

danke danke danke danke

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Aug 11, 08 8:47 pm

yay ;)*
i love it.

Posted by FOREVERnaima on Aug 2, 08 2:00 am

You dont realise how much i needed this. Ive been looking for it for like 23929382938 years ahaha thanks love.

Posted by Fynitah on Jul 21, 08 12:23 am

so yummy! ;D

Posted by Dianxn3D on Jul 11, 08 6:34 pm

great.thanks [=

Posted by heyMEDINA on Jul 1, 08 12:36 am

Wow. People amaze me. Haha. Great code, totally works. Thanks.

Posted by PorcelainMaiden on Jun 25, 08 11:35 am

i've been trying to find this ever since. i love it. thnx. it works wonders =]

Posted by mehg00nie on Jun 14, 08 11:54 pm

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