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This is awesome.
Anyone who can't get it to work: You have to put the links in yourself, idiots.

Posted by lakynlakyn on Jan 20, 09 11:02 am

midgetsmokes420 < codes and everything were erased? then that was you not the codes.

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Sep 9, 08 9:23 am

dude your fuckin code deleted my whole myspace thanks

Posted by midgetsmokes420 on Aug 8, 08 8:24 pm

Yo ii R3ALLY N33D H3LP LiiK3 A.S.A.P

Posted by ANG3L on Jan 24, 08 10:05 pm

I cant understan can you help me? ad

Posted by zero-21 on Jan 19, 08 4:08 pm

Could this be changed to replace the contact box?

Posted by muuli on Jan 3, 08 12:44 am

can you do it for me
message me

Posted by bbyzxthanh on Dec 22, 07 12:48 am

hey, i cant get it to work. u

message me and help please?


Posted by jadee-juvenile on Nov 2, 07 3:39 pm

this doesnt even work

Posted by jemie24 on Oct 24, 07 11:06 am


Posted by Marlons on Oct 3, 07 12:16 am

How in fuck does this thing work?

Posted by LovexHate on Aug 9, 07 2:53 am


Posted by ShaBen on Jul 24, 07 1:20 am

It works brilliantly, thanks :)

Posted by CaitlinJ on Jul 23, 07 12:07 pm :)

Posted by LovexHate on Jul 13, 07 12:26 am

I can't get it to work for some reason. opurdy

msg me?

Posted by LovexHate on Jul 13, 07 12:26 am

Works for standard layouts also. :)

Posted by anime-essence on Jul 6, 07 12:51 am

Does this code only work on DIV layouts?

Posted by LovexHate on Jul 6, 07 12:48 am

great code, worked like a charm.

Posted by eyecandydesigns on Jun 18, 07 5:36 pm

Works perfectly like everything this guy makes.

Posted by Insurmountable on Sep 10, 06 6:11 am

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