change the color of the Navbar drop-downs in 2.0 (comments)

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yes, I know. I'm not into coding anymore so I deleted my tutorials. I haven't deleted my scripts on here only cause I'm too lazy to do that.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Aug 27, 10 9:31 pm

that rounded corners link is error..

Posted by Nizam on Aug 26, 10 3:49 am

the reason it says post to about me calilani is because when you submit a script to createblog it doesn't have a specific section for 2.0 codes which is the only time you use the css box. Therefore, it is not his fault the box directs you incorrectly.

Posted by xxpinkpoplegendxx on Nov 17, 09 11:12 am

>_< bummer.

Posted by InFamouSXcluSive on Jul 11, 09 7:34 pm

@ InFamouSXcluSive: Nope, because 1.0 doesn't allow the pound (#) symbol.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Jul 9, 09 5:17 pm

Is there a possibly that you can get this to work in 1.0?

Posted by InFamouSXcluSive on Jul 9, 09 12:07 am

Love it=)

Posted by 1sweetazngurl on May 6, 09 10:36 pm

I love this code! <3

Posted by MemoriesWithin on May 4, 09 3:51 pm

never mind. it works. your tut says put in about me. figured it was supposed to go in the css section.

Posted by calilani on Apr 21, 09 4:17 am

does this just work for certain browsers? i'm in firefox & its not working. :(((

Posted by calilani on Apr 21, 09 4:12 am

This is absolutely wonderful! I've spent ages trying to come up with this on my own. Turns out I was like, missing ONE class. XD

Thankyouthankyouthankyou .

Posted by CrimsonSkyGraphics on Apr 8, 09 2:15 pm

thanks for this! :)

Posted by hanniek on Mar 5, 09 4:46 pm


Posted by Jghelfi on Feb 25, 09 8:27 pm

absolutley awesome!!! i love it!

Posted by tuttibugg on Feb 25, 09 10:20 am

@ Suddenly
i'm too familiar w/ PeRRiiN's lyts to know that wasn't done via the customizing tool.

Posted by ingodwerust on Feb 23, 09 12:22 am

It's not possible on 1.0.

Posted by miguelS on Feb 22, 09 3:26 pm

I will love you forever if you can make this work for 1.0 :'D

Posted by KingCaspian on Feb 21, 09 11:02 pm

@Sudenly: You're welcome =]
Everything you said is true for the exeption of just one thing...Yes, the images are from one of myspace themes but the layout was NOT made by them. I have everything positioned and sized to my preference. Choose that theme if you have a test profile and then look at my page to compare then both and you'll what I mean.

Even though now it looks completely different since I changed the colors because I don't really like orange.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Feb 21, 09 10:44 pm


That isn't his/her layout. It's made by MySpace Staff. it's in the list of layouts available in 2.0 Customize Profile tool.

He just took the code from the nav bar on that layout, and provided it to everyone here. Great job though. I couldn't figure out how to get the code from it. I tried though. Thanks for submitting this.

Posted by Weathered on Feb 21, 09 10:13 pm

by the way. Let me clarify. I was all rushed and excited when I typed that. lol I added the image background to the menu when you hover. it look BOMB. lol

Posted by nooooope on Feb 20, 09 10:11 pm

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