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Your page is still private, girl. IT's been 2 yrs.

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 22, 10 8:19 am

um, lol where it go? just look at my profile.. i cant get it to wrap around the photo ):

Posted by InFamouSXcluSive on Feb 15, 09 10:33 pm


is what you kno of me, but there's a side of me.. alot of you dont kno && will not kno. Only a few kno who i really am && i'd be jealous if i wasn't that few, ha. I live with idc what you think if me attitude, i'll be me but my purpose of living is well..

Can't get the text to wrap around the photo!!

Sorry if i did alil tweek 'n to the code, but can someone please help!!

http://www.myspace.c om/blazinnonstop420

Posted by InFamouSXcluSive on Feb 15, 09 10:32 pm

I can never get the color right grrr.

Posted by itsMarika on Feb 11, 09 1:40 am

Ahh. Sorry it didn't post.

For the first bgcolor in the General Section, type "b1d0f0" as the color.
For the second, type "d5e8fb" & it won't be blue.

Posted by Raineyy23 on Dec 2, 08 12:54 pm

If you don't want it to be blue, then change the part that goes in the "General" Section to this:

The difference is in the bgcolor, if you'd rather just change that.

Posted by Raineyy23 on Dec 2, 08 12:52 pm

cudent see the "working preview" ur page is kind a private. but i added u anyway

Posted by RCKstarh on Nov 14, 08 4:32 pm

This is really cute and organized.

Posted by melancholiclights on Nov 12, 08 6:43 am

y is it blue?

Posted by nicolex on Nov 2, 08 8:36 pm

Because everytime i find a code, it hides my pic also!

Posted by Adiman on Oct 31, 08 7:20 am

What code do i use if i want to hide the "General" heading?

Posted by Adiman on Oct 31, 08 7:19 am

this is awsome! thxx

Posted by Forsaken-vampiress on Oct 30, 08 2:14 pm

brilliant :D

Posted by KarlaPerfection on Oct 29, 08 12:10 am

I have been scouring the net for the past few weeks looking for something like this! life saver!!

Posted by iitsbeautiful18 on Oct 28, 08 11:39 pm

This is cool!
you can use the .profileinfo {display: none;} code to hide it, then put the code here in!

Posted by Jghelfi on Oct 28, 08 11:26 pm

ooh that's really cute =]

Posted by amandaMAGGOT on Oct 28, 08 10:25 pm

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