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What is the recommended width and height of the banner? Well at least the recommended width.

Posted by kozer13 on Aug 13, 10 3:56 pm

I Just want to say Thankyou, It works brilliantly :o)

Posted by midnightmagic on Aug 7, 10 4:34 pm

works great,so easy to use

Posted by anonymous2272 on May 31, 10 12:07 am

Ah! Just what I was looking for, thaaank you! =)

Posted by Ansata on Nov 16, 09 7:59 pm

its not showing

Posted by strip9 on Oct 11, 09 12:27 am


Posted by WESTSIDEBWSLAYZ on Jul 11, 09 8:37 pm

Can you please pleaseeeeee tell me how you got an image map as your banner because i've seaarched everywhere high && low.plzzzzz respond. ")

Posted by PorclehnDoll on Jun 5, 09 4:08 pm

works Amazingly :] thnx

Posted by Autopsy on May 26, 09 3:45 pm

Can someone tell me how to make links to images in the banner such as the display photo for this script shows? like the Home, Online Store, and Add photo links?

Posted by beyondredemptionnj on May 23, 09 10:19 pm

the code works fine, if the image is not showing up... that means you did not place the image url in the code.

background:url(*/IMAG E LINK*/) minus th */'s

Posted by ingodwerust on Apr 11, 09 7:04 am


Posted by erick200 on Apr 9, 09 9:09 am

whats the name of that font?

Posted by CRACKproduct on Apr 7, 09 10:33 pm

didnt work for me, just made a space :[

Posted by Forsaken-vampiress on Mar 8, 09 9:21 pm

You're supposed to add an image.

Posted by YDG on Mar 4, 09 2:59 pm

just makes a big space :/

Posted by xXR0CKST4RXx on Feb 4, 09 12:13 am

i love this!

Posted by crystalicx on Feb 1, 09 11:41 am

Any text, links, videos you want can be added here.
" in this part, do you know how to make the text apear in the bottom of the banner?

Posted by mushok on Jan 17, 09 11:03 pm

i like this did you get the border on the sides of the middle table?

Posted by rene9109 on Jan 3, 09 12:32 pm

it makes a gap under my navigation bar
how can i fix this?

Posted by treyyybang on Dec 6, 08 8:23 pm

Thanks, i've been lookin for this!

Posted by CannibalVomit on Dec 4, 08 4:53 pm

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