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thank you.
also, it does work on firefox. :)

Posted by luciiLMAO on May 23, 09 12:46 am

I use firefox, and it works fine for me?

Posted by CreatedbyJeannie on Mar 31, 09 2:42 pm

xoxoxoxoxo this code !!!!!

Posted by suziestarr on Mar 16, 09 8:30 am

FINALLY! This code actually works.

Posted by tasteofink on Feb 8, 09 1:54 pm

perhaps my favourite nav code ever!

Posted by digitalivory on Jan 7, 09 7:09 pm

hmm does this not work in firefox? or am i doing something wrong?
really all i want is just to turn the font color into black. nothing else. :/
any help?

Posted by peypey2011 on Dec 21, 08 8:25 pm

i like this scripe, but does it happen to work on profile 2.0? ill just check i suppose lol

Posted by JimmyBlanka on Dec 21, 08 4:09 am

This is awesome! It's perfect. Thanks so much. :)

Posted by CrimsonSkyGraphics on Dec 4, 08 3:07 pm

what font/size did you use in your example?

Posted by lindseymarieamazing on Sep 23, 08 4:10 pm

Thank you.
Just made my day.
I hate the damn navigation bar.

Posted by sleepwalkerdreams on Sep 2, 08 6:21 am

really cool :)
thanks a lot

Posted by mlbossy on Aug 25, 08 1:11 am

i love it! =]

Posted by CAKEZMC on Aug 24, 08 12:08 pm

thanks annie!
i love it;D

Posted by xXcalebboylesXx on Aug 16, 08 9:40 pm

Love the code! Only issue I have is the blue on the dropdown hover :( I don't want blue text XD hehe.

Posted by BrytneLu on Aug 15, 08 1:03 am

it works great thank you

Posted by ohgoditsnolan on Aug 2, 08 11:59 am

Actually, some of these options can't be done on Profile Editor. I like this code, it helped a lot. But do you (or does anyone) know how to change the font-color of the drop-down menus in the navigation bar? I hate that blue color.

Posted by hotterthanjuly on Aug 1, 08 8:26 pm

you can this with and using the MySpace Profile Editor!

Posted by cyazian on Aug 1, 08 4:35 am

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