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Look carefully for specific instructions

If you're not satisfied after you save, trying messing with the px area.


Stay with the negative numbers if you'd like to move your comments up, and if you'd like to move your comments down, go towards the positive numbers.

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is there a way to make the comments box smaller?

By my-demolition-romance on Oct 7, 2008 3:16 pm

i love this code i used it for .friendSpace tooooo!!!

By ALSALS on Aug 23, 2008 3:33 am

works great!
just what i was looking for!

By cyazian on Jul 27, 2008 12:04 am

comes in handy =) thanks !

By youdigmypersona on Jun 19, 2008 1:18 am

thank You Victoriaaaa!

By Jghelfi on May 21, 2008 10:38 pm

This script is only meant to move your comments up or down. According to Da1nonlyjon, put {margin-left:-#px;} instead of {margin-top:#px;}, and you'll be able to move them left or right.

By victoriaaaa on Apr 21, 2008 3:50 pm

I can't seem to move it left or right. I could only move it up and down. help.

By khoi on Apr 13, 2008 1:56 am

to make them go to the left, you have to put: {margin-left:-#px;}

By Jghelfi on Apr 12, 2008 5:49 pm

there's a div that allows you to move your comments anywhere you want them, actually. i think it's definitely somewhere on this website. this script is just a little something that allows others to move their comments without having to bother with all of those numbers, etc.

By victoriaaaa on Apr 12, 2008 2:00 am

this is kinda cool. thanks

By jesusisthebestthing on Apr 8, 2008 10:40 pm
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