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GAWD I love this

Posted by KymmieCAKES on Jan 21, 11 3:06 pm

@Addielyn91, I think I know why ; I'm looking at this beautiful layout but for some reason I'm thinking that Myspace 2.0 doesn't take CSS coding. Only HTML from what I thought. And then Myspace 3.0 BETA doesn't take either one because there is no place for the codes to go. Is this layout CSS?

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 15, 10 8:42 pm

@SMARIESIMP, Oh no problem:DD
ha ha!

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 15, 10 8:36 pm

everytime i paste the CSS code, it automatically erases itself! i replaced all the xxxxxx's with my friend i.d but nothing seems to be working! i really love this layout! help?!?! D':

Posted by addielyn91 on Oct 3, 10 1:55 pm

oh i know because i don't want it deleted . thanks but i wasn't asking for your advice i was asking for a code .

Posted by smariesimp on Sep 14, 10 7:19 pm

hi im new to this. but i dont know how to put it on. help /:?

Posted by hellocutiee on Sep 12, 10 6:00 pm

@SMARIESIMP, Myspace is going to delete your account if you hide any ads. They won't even give you a chance to stop doing that; they just delete you in the second. Why not just save them the trouble and delete your own account? Ha ha:DD

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 15, 10 10:25 am

how do i hide the ads and powered by google thing please someone help me, (ASAP.) PM me on here telling how or my aol which is smariesimp1031@aol.com

Posted by smariesimp on Aug 4, 10 7:36 pm

Heyy um how do i get rid of the ad at the top? also the reg. myspace navigation bar? cuz its like, blocking part of the layout. please msg me on Aim: mrjastn or Myspace: myspace.com/myjustn Btw, i hella like this layout =]

Posted by mrjastn on Jul 15, 10 5:59 pm

omge i luv3d dis~~

Posted by missbluecandy on Jul 13, 10 2:12 am


Posted by BananaNugg3ts on May 25, 10 7:16 pm

Very cute(:

Posted by LittleKidd on May 22, 10 11:21 pm

can u send me ur mypsace url so ican see what its doing?

Posted by Kiewking on May 19, 10 4:15 am

Hey, I currently used this layout, and the buttons at the top have disappeared, and some of the page is distorted. Do you know what the problem is? I followed all of the directions.

Posted by iDorien on May 19, 10 2:55 am

Really well done

Posted by AbsentEmotions on May 15, 10 2:55 pm

Wow, really good.

Posted by amene1 on May 14, 10 12:45 am

lol i was just really lazy they're not all about me sections... u just put what ever u want in each section lol.

Posted by Kiewking on May 13, 10 6:33 pm

Love this! A lot of the 2.0's on here are really boring but this one looks totally cool. I still don't understand why I need three about me sections, but its still amazing.

Posted by xxpinkpoplegendxx on May 13, 10 10:05 am

simple yet awesome :D

Posted by Snaily on May 12, 10 6:51 pm

I would love this in a website layout

Posted by LadyLBlack on May 12, 10 5:53 pm

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