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im choosing to use this layout. n tq for this.. muaahxx

Posted by princessdewi89 on Dec 16, 09 2:52 am

love ths layout..can i changes the banner pcs?

Posted by princessdewi89 on Dec 16, 09 2:50 am

This layout is amazing! Thank you so much for creating it. "Whoreandsluts" Doesn't know what their talking about!!

Posted by twilightforevr10 on Oct 5, 09 4:25 pm

they look beautiful together...(fainting...)

Posted by blackness on Sep 25, 09 5:49 am

what the hell are you talking about "whorezandsluts"? if you dont like my stuff then dont fuckin comment, get a life dude! Just cuz you leave a bad comment im not going to change my style!

Posted by mystiicdesigns on Aug 9, 09 12:47 pm

fix yur fukn profile . stupid whore i hate when ppl who donno wat they are doing paste their profile . would be cute if yu didnt fuk it up .

Posted by whorezandsluts on Aug 7, 09 10:53 pm

nice photomanipulation. it's really clean. :]

Posted by ae221 on Jul 17, 09 1:00 am

Finally gave in and saw "Twilight" last night for the first time. I really liked it. I am ready to buy it and possibly read the books now. Great job on the layout! :o)

Posted by Karisa85 on Jul 12, 09 10:13 pm

too cute! I'm totally going to try this on my myspace

Posted by StarryNightSkiez on Jul 12, 09 8:32 pm

looks fine for me in firefox... make sure your settings are right :)

Posted by Smurfette83 on Jun 17, 09 3:11 am

for some reason it doesn't look right on firefox :(

Posted by JoannLeung on Jun 16, 09 11:31 pm

Pretty!..I picture they look like that ^ ^!
Good Job!Keep Up The Great WOrk!

Posted by Snaily on Jun 16, 09 2:08 pm

awesome :)

Posted by ms-melanie on Jun 16, 09 11:27 am


Posted by xoChel on Jun 16, 09 9:50 am

hahaha, it looks kool ;]

Posted by stefuuuhneex3 on Jun 16, 09 2:42 am

ooo, nice. It looks cool. :)

Posted by Mikeplyts on Jun 16, 09 2:32 am

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