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A hex is the 6 digit numbe rthat refers to a color..if you dont know the hexes then you could goodl hex color wheel..it will help alot:)

Posted by zgrazier on Sep 28, 07 9:22 am

Thhhaaannnnnnnkkks youuu ^_^
Perfect Tutorial!

Posted by fanseesam on Sep 3, 07 11:37 pm

I have a little question. Where do I try this out at??? And I've noticed that most profiles for myspace have you put things into two different places. How do I know which part of the code to put where??? I am really new at this and want to make a myspace profile but currently don't know how.

Posted by TKShadowWolf on Sep 2, 07 5:59 pm

i know this question is stupid
but whats a HEX??

Posted by julie1993 on Aug 26, 07 12:29 pm

how do u get this one?

Posted by purplelilac8o8 on Aug 15, 07 10:44 pm

ill try to do this.=D

Posted by mochafrap on Aug 14, 07 4:44 am

how do you make a banner?

Posted by juju-cheer on Aug 12, 07 11:38 pm

im gonna try this :)

Posted by sparkling-signs on Aug 11, 07 11:02 pm

hod you make the code? :S

Posted by Nyane on Aug 9, 07 1:21 am

loveeeee it! Thanks

Posted by Dominiloka on Aug 7, 07 6:46 pm

thats rather simple, but for me, i grab a stylesheet, similar like yours, and type it in, but i use an image url, instead of just a plain solid color, works much better because i include stuff on the picture. =)

Posted by randomkid94 on Jul 22, 07 1:58 pm

ugh, i want to learn to do this, but I have no clue where to even start. I have knowledge in HTML, so you think I might know how to do alittle bit of this...am I wrong?!? :/

Posted by Ami2007 on Jul 20, 07 11:49 pm

this also works on myspace right hehe I am newbie at this things soo yeah and this is like really usefull thank you

Posted by TOkyoMewMew on Jul 15, 07 3:46 am

Thanks for the tutorial, but is this going to help you making Divs like this one

http://www.createblog.com/ layouts/code.php?id=17170

I really want to learn how to make them just like that person did with her DIV. I be willing to learn, but I need someone who could just take me step by step. Please contact me Homegirl54jc_b@hotmail.com. I really need help please!.

Posted by Homegirl on Jul 6, 07 3:38 am

? What program do you use to assist you in buildin a layout?

Posted by PlasticPaddy23 on Jun 12, 07 5:50 pm

useful =D

Posted by CookieDoughLyts on Jun 2, 07 3:09 pm

the banner doesnt show :[

Posted by speakerboxx123 on Jun 1, 07 2:17 pm

this is late, but can also save coding on notepad as filename.html and open in web browser. instant results, no lag from server.

Posted by nishikigoi on May 24, 07 2:36 am

This is great

Posted by kerianne on Feb 13, 07 2:22 pm

^Well you can make a freewebs account and use this on there and then you can see if it worked...I suppose that could work.

Posted by Insurmountable on Feb 11, 07 11:55 am

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