A Simple One-Column DIV Layout (comments)

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im new to this and dont' know how to use all this

Posted by yonnie17 on Jun 26, 10 3:40 am

thanks! i was thinking of making my own layout soon ): this helps and im favoriting so that way i can always resource back to this [;

Posted by winterair on Nov 24, 09 10:35 pm

Thanks a bunch! I neede this. *smiles*

Posted by marynmissouri on Oct 22, 09 1:49 pm

this was somewhat helpful

Posted by LeahInTheSkyWithDiamonds on Apr 29, 09 11:57 am

what if you wanna have the background be an image?
how would I do that?

Posted by rawrlawlz on Apr 22, 09 9:34 pm

Thank you so much, now I can sumbit website templates to cB!

Posted by funride on Apr 1, 09 3:43 pm

This was very helpful! Thank you so much!

Posted by CandyPop on Mar 17, 09 4:21 pm

oh thank you so much :)

Posted by sunshine07 on Jan 26, 09 1:45 am

i lyk!! thnz lotz!! +o+

Posted by paajnub on Jan 19, 09 1:10 am

Thank you so much!

Posted by CandyPop on Dec 4, 08 3:02 pm

Thankyou for this. :)

Posted by Attack on Nov 30, 08 12:38 pm

can you possibly tell me how the code to just tweak the layout so its just one colum i have the background and things all set up or do i have to just make a new layout using this all together?

Posted by nightmarenicole on Nov 28, 08 1:07 am


Posted by nanananaNANANA on Oct 30, 08 4:25 pm

Don't forget to mention that in order for it to be cross-browser compatible they need to put a "#" sign in front of their hex codes. This tutorial is not bad but it's not very good, either.

Posted by tehmiminator on Oct 10, 08 9:12 pm

I understand this, but how do i add a picture background to this?

Posted by blue4ever222 on Sep 28, 08 1:37 pm

i'm gonna try it :] I've been looking for dis foreva thnx in advance =]

Posted by supafly0001 on Sep 17, 08 3:24 pm

a style sheet is the combination of codes you use. and when it's all together in the tags its a style sheet.

Posted by emmijane on Sep 11, 08 11:12 am

@XXXnunu this is a div layout for website not myspace :]
nice tutorial

Posted by --Kyo-- on Sep 4, 08 8:21 pm

i understand this, but where should i put the codes?
all in about me or in who id like to meet.
honest, this is confusing.

Posted by XXXnunu on Sep 3, 08 2:29 pm

this is good for beginners. :) nice.

Posted by asiaface on Aug 1, 08 8:14 am

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