cutenews divide by zero?

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warning YOUR SITE/CUTENEWS/FUNCTION......ERROR LINE 469 something similar to this? well you came to the right place

you press the comment link on you site and you see these warning signs, well to get rid of them first got to you cutenews folder then open up the inc folder, after that find

open your code editor

1. go to line 469 of the code

2. you will see
if($i%$break_location == 0 and $break_location)

3. change this into
if($break_location and $i%$break_location == 0)

4. what i did was switch the first break_location with the second one, dont erase the and

5. if this is not your code, then I also have a solution.Does you code say
if isset($i$bre.....
? then all you need to d0 is erase the isset and you should be fine

6. so there are two possible scenarios for cutenews problem :] and here these are the solutions:]

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