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really really cool!

Posted by susiecat on Dec 25, 08 9:33 pm

thanks` I like ^^

Posted by Tamsiu2 on Nov 16, 08 9:35 am

*agreeing with kipani*

this image is all over photobucket.....HMMMM..

Posted by emmijane on Oct 12, 08 1:07 am

Gorgeous hun!

Posted by PorcelainMaiden on Oct 13, 07 3:12 pm

aww!!! i like it. where did you get your image for the banner??

Posted by euphoricality on Aug 15, 07 1:45 am

ooo. chic. nice.

Posted by monxcheri on Aug 12, 07 5:36 pm

i love this!! so cute :)

Posted by 0nadia0 on Jul 6, 07 12:19 am

hey! i used your banner: cool isn't a one way street. thought i'd let you know. thanks a lot! great job *applause* ;)

Posted by tridingskee on Jun 29, 07 10:21 pm

Very cute.

Posted by Enigma19 on Jun 25, 07 5:14 pm

oh. very cute like the colors and all

Posted by Artistic_Fairy on Jun 13, 07 5:07 pm

Cool, just next time save the image as a PNG and dont use a blurry pic O.o

Posted by kipani1984 on Jun 6, 07 2:48 pm

I like the retro-ness of it ^^b. But the picture is a bit pixellated. :/ Probably CB's hosting.

Posted by endsofspace on Jun 5, 07 7:01 pm

Wow. Very nice banner, I see why this one got accepted. Good job overall!!! :]

Posted by YourSuperior on Jun 3, 07 5:54 pm

I really like what you were going for, but the image had pretty bad quality, or it could be the cb image hosting.

Posted by IBangBaby on Jun 3, 07 4:49 pm

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