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Designer's Comments

Look carefully for specific instructions

-Best viewed in IE.

-Change "USERNAME" with your xanga username.

-Remember to adjust the margin-top accordingly, at the very bottom of the source code, once you've added or taken elements from the right side menu or to move your posts up.

-Concerning the YouTube streaming video, once you change the object - adjust the width and height to 200 x 167 in order to fit perfectly inside the side menu.

**This layout wouldn't have been possible without Windsorcerous and Kittynn, all credit goes to them.

Using This Layout

For specific instructions read designer's comments

  • 1. Disable Xanga themes (edit theme -> uncheck make this your active theme -> save)
  • 2. Log into (look & feel)
  • 3. Copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) code to the specified fields

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Layout Comments

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Aww only if this was made for myspace.. good job though ; ]

By byebyelove on Nov 3, 2008 2:07 pm

I love this =]

By TokioHotel4Life on Oct 12, 2008 6:08 pm

I love it!
It's really beautiful!
@ Kathleen and PuppyLove72: The song is originally a song from bob dylan, but avril has coverd it.

By Nijnebeest on May 6, 2008 3:08 pm

@Kathleen: Me too! Haha.

By PuppyLove72 on Mar 13, 2008 2:30 pm

this would make an awesome myspace layout.

By brokenhalo on Jan 21, 2008 11:42 pm

lol omg cute xD

By fallenxdreams on Jan 16, 2008 7:02 pm

love the layout!

By Tatty Teddy on Mar 6, 2007 12:22 am

^ Eep. Geez. You got me all excited. I thought it was a Bob Dylan layout.

By Kathleen on Jul 11, 2006 5:28 pm

Is there anyway that this could be used on myspace? Its a very gorgeous layout and would love to use it on there. Like always, credit is always given. thank you.

By Lilydasupergirl on Jun 14, 2006 2:09 am

It's kind of like schindler's list...with the color effect.

By Demesne on Jun 7, 2006 4:03 pm
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